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Meet Dr. Ken.

About Me

Hello, I’m Dr. Ken Christian
Even as a child, I wanted to take things all the way—to soar high and far and see others do the same.
Yet my father’s position of pastor of a fundamentalist church imposed limits and restrictions, like no dancing or movies. Those limits set me apart.
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How things go wrong

The moment you hesitate or second-guess yourself, you must take action. If you don’t, you risk a lingering, fatal slide into mediocrity.
Choosing to fight it solo is dicey. DIY brings delays. And you put career and family at risk in two ways. First, you can’t see your own blind spots. Second, problems that get entrenched are far harder to resolve. So bogus shortcuts squander time.
When you stall, self-attack follows. Burnout comes next plus a complete loss of confidence. You’re convinced that you no longer have what it takes. You wonder if you ever did. You think you’re an impostor and that nothing you did matters.

What to do

With the right guidance, you avoid crash-and-burn scenarios completely. Drawing on 20 years’ experience, I’ve created a training process. It taps brain science and research on what forges lasting transformational change.
Till recently, my work has flown under the radar. Now I’m making it possible for more to get in on it. Clients include health, legal, and sales professionals, CEOs, performing artists, and entrepreneurs. Most have made a mark, or shown early career progress.
I work on an invitation-only basis in small groups. To learn more, click here more. I’ll read what you submit. If there’s a match, I’ll look forward to having a complimentary, no-obligation call with you.

Daily Motivation and Advice

Watch Dr. Ken

Somewhere, somehow, you veered off the path of your truest self—your greatest growth and success. For over 30 years, I’ve helped over 4,000 high achievers like you regain their direction and return to the maximum performance they desire. If you’re committed to changing right now, I’m committed to showing you how.

Breakout Programs

Break through to Breakout Success

Breakout Programs are for high achievers in transition. These small, high-accountability groups are in demand. They fill early. So don’t delay. Enroll by invitation. Go here to apply for complimentary call with Dr. Ken.

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Max Potential Home Study Options

If you prefer the convenience of fitting learning into your schedule, 3 options are available.

Max Potential @Home Study Program

Max Potential @Home is a comprehensive home study course. Over 16 weeks, it builds the personal foundations required to fulfill your dreams. You receive weekly video and written exercises to complete on your existing schedule. High value resource materials help you make more progress in less time with less stress.

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Breakout: The Achiever’s Field Manual for Ultimate Performance.

Breakout: The Achiever’s Field Manual for Ultimate Performance is a punchy 53-page guide to building the master skills necessary to make good on your talent and opportunities. It covers the YOWE 15 Tasks and provides work space for notes and responses to questions.
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Ultimate Success Blueprint: The Definitive Step-by-Step Daily System for Breakout Performance.

Ultimate Success Blueprint (USB) is a comprehensive 6-hour audio series about how to accomplish more efficiently, by increasing your ability to focus and by better scheduling your time. Professional live performers use routines that take them to peak levels of focus. USB teaches you how to create your own.

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Books by Dr. Ken Christian

“Your Own Worst Enemy”

Do these sound familiar? Procrastination, hesitation, second-guessing, cold feet? It turns out that habits that seem harmless, over time destroy initiative and undermine success. If you or someone you know dreams big but hasn’t followed through, here’s a book with a program for getting you back on the road to success.

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